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Throughout my corporate career, I became known as the “go-to person” for proofing and editing copy within the company. When the management consulting firm I was working with disbanded in 1977, the clients I had acquired on their behalf encouraged me to open my own secretarial/copyediting service, which I did on March 1, 1977.



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Let's start this party!2018 marks the 17th anniversary of Redline Copyediting carving out its little corner of the Internet with the birth of redline-editing.com!

Updated: January 2, 2018


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Updated: March 10, 2011

Pricing Information


 OPTION 1: COPYEDITING (Redlined Hardcopy: 2-phase process)


  Phase 1: Redlining a hardcopy...$35.00 per hour  

  Phase 2: Closing editorial notes…$30.00 per hour  

Entails a read-through of material submitted with redline (red pen) corrections and/or changes made directly to the hardcopy (throughout the text and in the margins); copy returned to the author/originator for further handling.  

  Note: Periodic progress reports are provided by email during the editing process.  


 OPTION 2: COPYEDITING (Electronically: 4-phase process)


  Phase 1: Redlining a hardcopy.  

  Phase 2: Making the editorial changes electronically (including applicable highlighted commentary/questions within the MS file).  

  Phase 3: Approving (i.e., removing all of the visible edits) and rereading/fine-tuning my final “approved copy.”  

  Phase 4: Closing editorial notes.  

Copyediting Rates:         

  • Phase 1…$30.00 per hour
  • Phase 2…$25.00 per hour
  • Phase 3…$25.00 per hour
  • Phase 4…$30.00 per hour  

  Note: Periodic progress reports are provided by email during the editing process




  OPTION 1: If you choose not to provide me with a hardcopy, I will print the MS myself (price TBA; based on total number of pages), plus I will charge you for the prevailing S&H charges to return the MS (along with a printed/hardcopy of my closing editorial notes and closing invoice) to you.  

  OPTION 2:  For redlining purposes, I will likewise print a hardcopy of the MS myself (price TBA; based on total number of pages), and then email you the following four (4) attachments upon completion of the project: (1) The electronic file containing all visible corrections and highlighted questions/comments. (2) The “approved” electronic file (corrections removed; highlighted questions/comments remaining). (3) Closing editorial notes. (4) Closing invoice.  


 TURNAROUND TIME to be determined.



  • 50% in advance; balance (COD) upon delivery (Net 15 Days: 15% carrying charge will be applied thereafter).



  • Email me ten (10) double-spaced pages in MS Word or Adobe Reader format. I will time how long it takes me to edit them. Based on the total number of pages in the MS or other material, I will then estimate the [total] length of time it will take me to complete the entire project, and quote you accordingly.

   (Note: Hours quoted will be estimates only based on the initial pages reviewed/edited. You will be charged for actual time only, plus expenses, as defined above).

  Note: Since they both appear on this site, according to Wikipedia, the spelling of “website” and “Web site” are both correct. For editing purposes, I use the latter: “Web site.”     

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