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Throughout my corporate career, I became known as the “go-to person” for proofing and editing copy within the company. When the management consulting firm I was working with disbanded in 1977, the clients I had acquired on their behalf encouraged me to open my own secretarial/copyediting service, which I did on March 1, 1977.



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Let's start this party!2018 marks the 17th anniversary of Redline Copyediting carving out its little corner of the Internet with the birth of redline-editing.com!

Updated: January 2, 2018


"Work for a cause, not applause. Live life to express, not impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt."  ( ~ Robert Tew )

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Updated: March 10, 2011

Client Testimonials:

  • "...am very pleased with your corrections/comments.  They are very helpful.  You did a very thorough job." 

    Robert Bowman
    Smart and Smarter Publishing

  • "Sharon Young has copyedited and proofread more than [100] manuscripts for us.  She is outstanding at her craft, and we would not consider publishing a book without the benefit of her services.  She is top-notch, efficient, and delivers projects on time.  I can very highly recommend her without any reservations."

    Fred Pyrczak, Ph.D.
    Publisher, Pyrczak Publishing

  • "Sharon [Young] has a goal...to bypass roadblocks.  Her root-shaped charm is a 'pleasant tribute' to the world of [copyediting].  Placing herself inside your work enables her to supervise the contents.  The final result...a collection of honesty, and shattering professionalism.  Her warm approach is the centerpiece of concern...a shimmering aquamarine jewel - without flaws..."

    Robert W. Wheeler

  • "What makes any book perfect?  When a reader gets lost in the content because it is perfect ... Sharon makes it perfect ... I don't know what we would have done without [her] keen eye and expertise when it came to proofreading our books.  Thank you for making us look good and with our publications that included hundreds of numbers, listings, phone numbers, and more...we put perfection (Sharon's skills) to the test!"

    Patricia Harrison
    Editor Info:Outfitters

  • "Sharon Young has proofread and copyedited our material since 1998.  Sharon is prompt, accurate, and reliable.  She has an eye for details and does quality work for us.  We are very thankful to her and very highly recommend her services."

    Diana Zwang
    Ultimate Mind Publisher

    Moshe Zwang
    International Palmtherapy Association, IPTA

  • "Sharon edited my novel Return to Mardi Gras, and I was very pleased with her services.  She not only did an excellent job of editing, but was also prompt and pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend her."

    Richard Sherman
    Key Largo Publishing

  • "Thank you for the really terrific job on the book edit.  I love your eagle eye.  FYI: I had the book proofed by a Stanford English grad, a Cal Berkley English grad, a 'professional editor,' my book designer, my printer and me (an English grad).  Guess who has the best eyes?!  Great job, too, on the Percy edit.  Thanks again."

    Toni Dockter

  • "THANK YOU for the absolutely wonderful job with Isabel. To think you retyped the whole manuscript BESIDES editing is amazing!"  

    Brenda Ervin

  • “Sharon Young has worked with our companies and family since the early 1980s on everything from copyediting, proofreading, movie scripts, Web site copy, presentation kits, and so much more. In business, to succeed and prosper, image is very important—Sharon has done that for us. She has made us shine! She is very reliable, accurate, and has an eye for detail. Even the most difficult projects look outstanding, and are clear and concise.”

    Tim Cook
    Cosmo TV Network
    Cairngorm Studios

  • “Sharon (Young) has provided incredible editing, which provided clarity, precise use of the King’s English, as well as advice on ways to make my copy far more readable. I appreciate the fact that she is not judgmental. Her constructive criticism has made me look like the writer I want to be. I hesitate to think where my writing would be without her professional assistance.”

    Don Lauda

  • “I have been a client of Sharon’s for a number of years. She edited my second book and first Web site; and, from time-to-time, prepares mailing labels for my company. I find her work to be timely and accurate and look forward to working with her on an ongoing basis.”  

    Dr. Ferris E. Merhish

  • “As an author, I have fully enjoyed my author/editor relationship with Sharon Young, especially because she is courteous, prompt, and thorough in her execution of my work, whether it’s a short article, or a full- length novel. Her service is reasonably priced, and her advice is appropriate and applicable. I am pleased with her efforts and will continue to use her service, as well as recommend her editing service to other writers.”

    C. R. Swainward

  • “Thank you, Sharon, for all the years you’ve done editing for me.  You have taken my thoughts and words and made them poignant.  I have never been disappointed with your work, nor have any of the people I have recommended to you.”

    Sue B Warner

  • “When I was planning to update my resume, my wife suggested that Sharon would be excellent help.  Well, I gave Sharon all the information and when I read her finished product, I even looked great to myself! On another occasion, when a book I was co-writing needed editing, Sharon worked her magic to give my input a very professional [appearance]. Most recently, while working on a very important business letter that I knew a number of people would read, Sharon gave me a product of which I could be proud.”

    Wendell Warner

  • “I highly recommend Sharon Young. She is an outstanding editor. She has fanatical attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with; her redline method is clear, concise, and a wonderful timesaver. Sharon has edited three books for me—all on time and on budget. Her level of integrity is impressive, and I intend to give her several more book projects to complete. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding my [editorial] experience with Sharon.”

    Chris Alexander, Synergy Executive Education
    Professional Speaker/ Author of 9 Business & Personal Development Books

  • “With the Internet becoming more and more a part of our lives (especially from a business standpoint), it is imperative to have a well-designed and well-WRITTEN Web site. The last thing you want to happen is a client—or more importantly, a prospective client—telling you there is a spelling or grammatical error on your Web site, or even worse, deciding not to call because of it. Sharon Young made sure that did not happen with my Web site. She has a great eye for detail and helped make my site what I imagined it to be: professional, accurate, and easy to read. I would highly recommend Sharon’s editorial services to anyone.”  

    Tony Nori, CEPA, RFC
    Centaurus Financial, Inc.

  • "Sharon, [you did] an outstanding job.  I'd like to use you in the future for proofreading and/or copyediting, if you're interested."

    Fred Grayson
    American BookWorks Corporation

  • “My sincere appreciation to Sharon Young of Redline Copyediting for helping me edit my first book. From my initial contact with her to the last minute of the entire process of editing my manuscript, Sharon was not only professional and time sensitive, but honest and helpful, all of which pleased me immensely. In fact, when I first gave my manuscript to her, I was nervous because of my [negative] experience with a previous editor. Fortunately, Sharon understood my method of writing and what I wanted to relate to the reader because, after reading my manuscript that she had edited, I was amazed by her ‘magical way’ of understanding what was on my mind and exactly how I wanted to say it. For that, I am so very grateful to you, dear Sharon, and am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend your services to others.”

    Nasrat Kakar

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